66 Days adrift William Butler for the 100 post celebration.

Please be my guest count back from the original post and you will find 100 post have been published. In 7 months that roughly 15 posts a month, not has easy at is look. But make us realize all the steps, we have taken seen we started thinking of that little adventure. When we go back and look at some of the original post we can see what has shaped our mind and bring us to where we are today.

After I re-read my previous post, it made me realize that point in the process must be the time you break down and realize that life is too short and you need to get going before it’s too late. You need that instinct of impulse to assemble all your knowledge and make a decision when you see a good deal. Are we there yet? not quiet yet but approaching quickly to understanding exactly how to separate your needs too wants when we see the right boat.

Yesterday trip to the library yield a few good books, but one that I have been meaning to read for a long time finally was ready for pick up.

Talking of knowledge and finding value when you make a purchase. Combine with my quick read of the book mention above. You realize that sometime trying to save a penny can cost you a lot more in the long run. I also can bet a few dollars, that once my better half read it, I will have very little input on the subject once we are in the shop or at a boat show ready to purchase the life raft. No cutting corner on that one.

It should be a must read before any decision on that subject. Even more important is to remember that Jimmy Cornell giving a good advice in one of his book. If the whales are too close for comfort and starting to be aggressive, drop some diesel on the sea surface and they will leave very quickly. Not the most ecological but at this point survival of the smartest is taking precedent. “It easier to ask forgiveness, than permission sometime” has a friend reminded me last night. And a J boat in the bahaha rally this year I am sure would have done it quickly instead of sinking.