Mexico, how do we adapt quickly to a new environment.

Once the decision was digested rather quickly and we had a good swim for an hour in the sea of Cortez it was time for exploration, and discovery of pretty  Mazatlan. We just can’t stay on the beach for hours doing nothing unless  we were cruising on a bigger boat with a captain and free flowing margaritas… well that could be an idea but not quite yet!

We decided that a good walk was in order, and we “cruised” the sea front for a good 7 miles which gave us a good introduction to the Mexican life. It had been quite a while since we left the secure compound of North American comfort (We know Mexico is part of North/ Central America geographically).  We were not used  anymore to a little chaos and all the haggling  you have to go through for taxi or food or else!  But it came back rather quickly and after a few hours we were bargaining like the good old time,  or we were simply just giving the polite not interested and the usual body language needed to be able to walk uninterrupted. The mind frame had settled and we were starting to get our rudimentary Spanish back which was really rejuvenating, and Mexicans are just great people always smiling.

Once we had gone through the market and enjoyed some street side food, the mission was on to find some ” Sturgeron”. This drug is not for sale in the US/Canada and a lot of cruisers swear by it for sea sickness. Having just heard that Mexico had gone to a prescription base system, we didn’t know what to expect when we entered the pharmacy.

We wrote down the name, they looked at the nomenclature bible and came back with one box of 60 pills. The generic product called Cinarizina dose at 75mg, we inquired for  25mg which made them laugh and the answer was  : ” no!” Cost for the bottle : $ 100 pesos, we had two tubs enough for a few days at sea. You have to love a country when a pharmacist can make it happen. Later on we checked online the dosage and discover that the same two tubs are worth $ 1000 pesos.

Looking around we found out that to get a prescription from a medical doctor it would cost you $20 pesos and 5 minutes of your time. Another good discovery, once we depart terra firma for the real deal, fills up the medical kits in Mexico and not on home soil you will save a bundle.