Lesson in adaptability and the economics of cruising.

Everytime you get close to land, you need to understand you are entering a new world, and get ready to new adventures. Learn the basics of the language, the cost of various items, necessity and the custom of the far away land.

And this week was no different for us, a crash course we had. Let me explain, what is the first thing you need after a long passage? A drink or two of course depending on sea condition you’ve just been through.

So first thing first : What is the local drink? Wine beer rum or any local moonshine. In Mexico we quickly realized that beer was the drink of choice. But what is the local beer, you don’t want to be drinking the gringo beer after all. So check the advertisement everywhere, life guard chairs and convenient store owning are a good start. Once you select your watering hole check what is listed on the wall.

For Mazatlan, Pacifico brewery is the beer of choice. Clara for the stronger taste and light for the refreshment.

You are only half way done, you now need to evaluate the different offerings and pricings. Let us help you, we had time and under strict scientific protocol we went to town to find the best deal. Not as easy as it looks. You need to be ready for sticker shock and long walks to really find the deal.

Here the run down after two wonderful day relaxing and enjoying beautiful Mazatlan. This might help you save some money on your cruising budget. The chart is accurate as off May 2010 and all prices are express in pesos for a 375ml bottle of Pacifico.

Airport or similar captive audience place $ 45

Hotel Beach served $36

Hotel Bar served $32

Tourist restaurant and bar $ 25

Hotel Snack bar self serve $20

Local clean bar $ 12

Local dive bar $10

Supermarket Clean $8

Local road side store $6

We know it took time and effort, but for you my friends, we will go the extra mile to ensure we bring the best information. For the record this was the first time, I saw my wife drink more than two beers in a month, I also think I had my entire normal summer quota. So refreshing, and try to look for back streets, away from the crowd, you will find great authentic little bars, “restaurants”, and get to meet with the locals.

For you mathematical challenged we have included a picture to ensure you will recognize the logo! And enjoy the fresh taste of the local beer.