We only got some of you, but our son for sure.

Yes it was an April fool joke, the majority of you got it knowing how conservative we are with money and research. But our son, who didn’t believe us at the beginning, was hooked once his mother jumped on the joke, phoning his sister to tell her.

A friend had an outboard motor completely seized, so I volunteered for education purposes to have a look at it. A Mercury 9.9Hp 2 stroke, took water and he started it oops. When I openned the carburetor I found so much calcium, I thought shells were living in there. Lots of the screws were corroded, some even broken, but after 2.5 hours I had it in parts. Now I need to see if it’s worth getting it fix.

What did I learn?

-I need to buy some more tools to make the job easier, not too much! Sweet Heart promise. That on engine you have metric and SAE size bolts in random order.

-A little water can do a lot of damage to any piece of metal. But the most important is that with Agent Orange and a good brush no excuse to have dirty hand after working on an outboard.
No pics of it but it will be my pleasure, once I take the head off.

Happy Easter.