We have a deal on paper, now let go south and survey it.

With lots of patience and detail wording, we made it happen. It’s never easy to make a deal happen from so far with two parties that have never met. Us grown up have learn not to trust anybody and be worry of the good faith of the other. Add a lawyer in the mix you are doomed.

After waiting for comment from the lawyer, re-writing it a few times. We came to a positive agreement. The phone call from C was nice to iron the last little detail, helping to put a voice to a picture and the human touch.

One big obstacle down, we are now waiting for the final signed copy and we will book our flight and confirm with the surveyor the exact date.

It was our 18th Wedding anniversary yesterday that we celebrated in style, so now my dear you will even get a “cruise” for the occasion, well that what we tell the kids anyway. Because they didn’t think it was funny, when our answer “was we got each other Mustang life vest”, when they asked what did you offer each other.

Keep our finger cross and we will see sunny Mexico over the week-end. That’s exciting.