Storm tactics and bad weather advices, drogue devices and opinions from an old salt.

You know you are in the right room and good company (well at least for sailors!), when 30-40 people are jammed-pack in a basement for a lecture on storm survival and everyone is looking forward to the topic!

One of the veterans around here, in conjunction with the fleet put up a presentation about what he has learnt in the 40.000 miles and three trips around the Pacific. Those were his words :”Yes! you will rarely get  into bad weather but when it happens you better be ready for it..”.

A lively delivery from Ian’s collection of opinion, what he learnt as a result of mistakes and observation. The main advice was being prepared with the right tools, learn to use them, train the crew, re-train the crew and: ” Stop Assess Plan” once you need to use it. He then described the different devices out there and made some great recommendations. If anybody is interested, we have a full document we can forward on request.

And now, Yes…. I know you are just reading this post to find out what’s really going on for us? Well, the surveyor is booked, for Monday in water/sea trial and Tuesday haul out. The boat has arrived in Mazatlan this mid-day after a smooth trip from Puerto Vallarta. For the rest everything is coming into shape and we will be ready to live very very early Sunday morning for us.