Somebody wants us to buy a boat this year…

It must be spring fever; everybody is looking at their option and deciding on the next step in their life.

We just got an e-mail out of the blue! A couple that we will keep anonymous for several reasons contacted us via this blog, to inform us that their Catamaran was for sell.

We read their adventure, and really enjoyed the way they look toward life. They are helping the world around them, and use sailing as a tool to help them discover some new worlds, and meet new people.

Due to past experiences in our life such as buying and starting businesses, buying housing, or job hunting, both of us firmly believe that when something is bound to happen it will and with good reasons. On the other side of the coin, when it doesn’t it’s for the best also, and we need to learn from it.

The more we think about it and learn, the more we feel something is pushing us to remain Multihull sailors. Last year we had decided to not go to the Annapolis boat show, but this year we might consider doing trials of the new generation of Catamaran.

So research is ongoing for that project…