Second trial and last at purchasing P.

All week-end, we thought long and hard about the numbers and the feasibility of raising our offer. And we have now come to the conclusion that we can raise it by $15K, but if it climbs higher it becomes non-economical for us at this time… The hard reality of numbers!

The owners have just contacted us to see if we would consider pushing back the date of delivery to Ensenada.  Back on the internet, e-mails are sent and we are looking to see what the schedule looks like with YachtPath.

It is most undeniably an exciting time for us and if it’s meant to be, it will happen… if not, it’s a great step to move forward. We are grateful for the lesson learnt. And we will be patiently waiting for the next boat that triggers some emotion in our future.

One good thing about this process is that we are now really getting an education on Multihull. People from everywhere are getting us books, and lots of knowledge.

Therapeutically, this Sunday at our club, was boat cleaning week-end! So we went as a family to clean our racing catamaran with the kids. Lots of spraying, laughters, and a good scrub, waxing, repainting the sail box. Had to refill the tires of the beach dolly which helps us bring the cat to the beach, and amazingly when the tires are nicely filled with air we can move the boat better! We are ready for another season, our sailing bags are out!

It is now just a matter of getting  a few more sunny days….