People make our life hard! Well, sort of….

You remember, we said we will not buy a boat this year. Well some people don’t make it easy on us. First we walk around and have a look again at that lagoon 400. What a big boat, how do you find a berth for such a thing 24ft beam.

We noticed that the 380 is about the same size give or take a foot on the LOA or beam, which led us to think about the advantage/disavantage of a catamaran. For now it’s all good as it is just pure research!

Then last night out of the blue, we received an e-mail from the owner of a boat we had looked at last year : an Island packet 380, a beautiful boat 2003 immaculate two owners never travelled far. We had put an offer on it that was politely refused in December. Now the couple has reduced their price by $24.000 bringing the asking price in line with others on the market. We know of one that is coming to the area soon, its a lot more equipped for blue water cruising and a bit more expensive sooo…. do we remain patient or do we investigate more?

A few calculations with my precious spreadsheet and a print out of the from the last two years. That shall get the conversation going.

This morning at breakfast, it was hard really hard, it ‘s not that cheap anymore, as we are still going back and forth : Catamaran? or Monohull? Now or Later?