Let’s try our luck, with buying a boat.

By now, you know that we have done our research and found out that the Privilege is a pretty nice “little” sailboat. We had long exchange of e-mails with the present owner, and made the decision that if the boat is priced right well why not? Lots of obstacles are on the way of that deal, but they are all monetary ones.

  1. First, we have to bring it back from Mexico.
  2. It needs to be registered and we will have a few taxes and import duty to pay when it arrives.
  3. It’s a ten year old boat so the rigging needs to be redone, the sails are at 3/4 of their life and the engine is not far behind.

Those are worst case scenario but we have to take them into consideration.
The easiest part was finding a dock space and in our part of the wood not that easy for a 21.5 Ft Beam boat.
The surveyor was easily located in Mazatlan, and crane facility and the rest are easily accessible.

So after a lot of consultations and some reflection, we decided to place an offer to the owner, and see what the response would be. Don’t panic we will not buy it just like that, these are just first steps, we will have a pre-survey done. If the survey is good, one of us will fly down, and will do the sea trial watch the inspection and final touch. Crazy but not reckless. The offer is sent!

Now we wait patiently.

The answer came back and C&A didn’t take our first offer and we totally understand. When you invest so much time money and sweat equity it’s never easy to let it go. We sold our plane and we know all about it.

But for us it’s just like any other business deal, it needs to make financial sense. And becoming a boat owner falls in the same category, it has to make financial sense! Can you tell I am the finance freak?  So back on calculation, and requesting more quotes, we will see if we are ready to go up a little.

If this deal doesn’t come through it will be the last FSBO that we look at. I feel that brokers can make it happen and bring both parties to the middle a lot easier, then again they add to the cost 10%…. It just a matter of : let it go!