Let’s get organize and wait for the paperwork, cruiser in training we are.

Where are we with the process of purchasing a boat a few hours away?

We are coordinating with A&C and the surveyor, all the necessary details for the survey and sea trial plus our visit. Internet and e-mail make the process amazingly easy. All the research you need are at your finger tips and all the communication can be clear between all parties.

We are now waiting for the final paperwork to be veto by the lawyer. Remember my last famous word in the previous post.

This will then dictate the date we will travel and get all the previous point taken care of. In the mean time, I was reading one of the blog explaining how long and what sort of hoops, you have to jump through to get the Zarpe out of Mexico. Wow we are just putting the training wheels on. I will need to get used to bureaucracy real quick or better get my better half taking charge of this process. I have problem dealing with monopoly of any gender, even the post office so imagine a power hungry custom agent. I will stay on the boat cleaning which I am sure she will enjoy!

Nothing else to say, we are organized and looking forward to meet A&C soon, we will get to know them and the boat better. Wish us luck, we all need some in this process.