Finally we have an inked deal, Mexico here we come.

Wow! that was a close one…. Thanks to everybody’s “sanity” we have a signed legal document. As previously mentionned on some older posts, we have done a few business transactions in the past, and we understand very well how lawyers are here to protect us. Though what we sometimes forget is that they are here to protect themselves first and foremost. One of my old  favourite during some deals we were trying to close is : “I can advise you but the final decision is yours” type of sentence. This as always brought a smile on our face, funny yet ironic!  This is why we now rely a lot more on our gut feeling and vibe in our last decisions.

We are now ready for the more fun part! We bought our plane tickets for Sunday and we will be in Mexico by late afternoon, business is taken care of, well on paper anyway! Our kids will not be left alone here with food and water, we have found some Good Samaritans to take care of them! We have our passports, credit cards, a few pesos and a clean set of underwears, we are ready! Well some more organizing I am being told…. something like laundry, lunch boxes, activities to plan etc….
As we speak the boat is making the trip from Puerto Vallarta to Mazatlan and will be ready for survey on Monday and Tuesday.
What a difference in the past few weeks! How a few decisions can have an impact on ones life, a new turn in ours… That’s for sure.

Now let’s enjoy the ride, we have done the most emotional part of any purchase decision.

Thanks A&C to welcome us in your home, are you sure you want nothing from back home?

As I was writing those words a squall/storm just went through here with hail and wind, amazing what you realize once you have invested interest in something.