Second step of P…. negotiation.

Truly we are getting excited, even if the boat is not easy to get and has a few hurdles, we are entering negociation time. We are feeling the buzz, though we try to stay reasonnable and are reminding ourselves that we are not in a hurry.

We got some really good news today :

  • We found a berth side tie for a reasonable price! Well, let me re-phrase that, NOT reasonable, we mean we can afford it in our budget.
  • Yacthpath came back to us with a good price to move P…. from Ensenada to Victoria BC. No BaHa bash for this time around.

Friends of ours have recently been through the same process, very kindly all documents get forwarded to them for review and assistance. Some new sets of question have popped-up, here they come to you C & A.

Finally for the day, I called my best friend and mentor in negotiation Jim, for a quick refresher  course on “how to be courteous” when  presenting an offer.