Finally we have an inked deal, Mexico here we come.

Wow! that was a close one…. Thanks to everybody’s “sanity” we have a signed legal document. As previously mentionned on some older posts, we have done a few business transactions in the past, and we understand very well how lawyers are here to protect us. Though what we sometimes forget is that they are here to protect themselves first and foremost. […]

Second trial and last at purchasing P.

All week-end, we thought long and hard about the numbers and the feasibility of raising our offer. And we have now come to the conclusion that we can raise it by $15K, but if it climbs higher it becomes non-economical for us at this time… The hard reality of numbers! The owners have just contacted us to […]

Second step of P…. negotiation.

Truly we are getting excited, even if the boat is not easy to get and has a few hurdles, we are entering negociation time. We are feeling the buzz, though we try to stay reasonnable and are reminding ourselves that we are not in a hurry. We got some really good news today : We found a […]

The purchasing process…..

This post was not published, during the first stage of the negotiation,  we wanted to respect discretion. At that point the owners had not openly written about it on their own blog and are reading ours. So here is the story : It all started with a completely unexpected email, and the discovery of how  a Privilege is […]