More visit, more learning..

This Sunday we visited another 5 boats for our education. Always good to see what you hear about and learn in a classroom i.e.: copper foil for SSB, controller for solar ect…

It is a great way to visual what everybody talks about in the different forums I read…. It was interesting to observe the production boats where you see through the transom fibreglass, it is so fine, or the spade rudder holding with a very fine fibreglass tube. These boats are beautiful and very conventional space, they are perfect for coastal cruising not too sure if I would feel safe enough for a blue water cruising! And they are not cheap either.

We visited one that had so many gadgets, it made West marine look like a communist era store with bare shelves. The owner has not spared a penny on outfitting it, the KISS concept was not part of the plan on that agenda.

And we finally saw a real liveaboard 48ft center cockpit with the true sailing atmosphere. They have been living for 20 years on three different boats and travelled a fair amount. Not too many gadgets just the true and tried. Moored right in the city next to the hustle bustle, although hidden away to make you feel like you are on your own.

On Monday we met with a charming couple on their boat, a Prout 37 Snow goose. They have just moved onboard, sold their home! On the last phase before departure, they are now living full time on it and are planning to start their adventure this year or next. We feel so lucky to get all these invaluable informations about the various designs of catamaran, the pros and cons of different models. Of course these came with the mandatory ownership anecdote that you laugh at after the fact.

As we are in front of the fork in the road of the boat buying process, we couldn’t ask for anything better. One day we hope to give it back the same way we are receiving it.