I saved money by applying my new skill.

So excited, this morning to finally own a Voltmeter and having acquired a minimum off knowledge to use it. I decided to tackle the 12v fixture not working for the last two years.

Bright and early 10am for us that early on a Sunday. I took the face plate off, as I have done it already a few times since we moved in 2 years ago! I quickly found out that we had juice (sorry volt) at the switch but not at the first bulb. Checked the cable for continuity no issue. Scratched my head looked around a few times, and then with lots of searching I discovered that one of the cable was not properly screwed in.

Actually it was more luck than research, while I was playing something made contact and the bank of light went on. My better half scream WOW what did you do? At this point I didn’t see the light but decided to take credit from it, lol  I indicated with firm belief that some connections were loose… ( and who do you think played with them last? yes yours truly!) . Alleluia, reconnection of all the wiring and it was still working. I checked again before putting the plate back and again a few minutes ago we are all good. WOW what a feeling.

So here we are, still don’t understand everything of the magic of electricity but with a bit of luck confidence and the right tool. We can make it happen, no need to call the electrician. One more skill that we may one day need to use on a boat you never know.