Don’t tell us you didn’t know, you read it here…

Last night we went to a presentation by a cruiser. Has always you learn something and tuck it in the back of your mind. So we decided to share it so nobody can say why didn’t you tell us.

The usual recommendation were don’t bother with the kayak and bike too bulky, the hand spinning washing machine is a waste of money use a bucket, water maker are great but be aware. That Spectra are super efficient and very good but all part are proprietary. So when you are in the mild of nowhere, a more generic product made with regular plumbing part is easier to repair. And don’t worry if you are not up to part with Diesel engine you will be soon.
But the thousand of $$$ lesson last night, was a reminder of one of the first lesson you learn. Look at the paper chart and have them on hand for where you will be sailing.

The gentleman an experience cruiser, been on the water since very young age did blue water with parents has a kids. On their way back to the west coast, following a trip to New Zealand so no rookie just coming out of the gate.

When they decide to go from Tahiti to Hao, he used the chart plotter plugged in the coordinate and got under way. The paper charts had received water the previous trip and were packed.

To their surprise in the dark they hit something and were lucky enough to get out of trouble. Once the frightening moments were gone, they realized that some piece of land was in the way. C-map was showing nothing, they couldn’t remember ever seeing or hearing of any island in that neighborhood.

So they taught they had found the last unknown atoll to human kind in the southern Pacific. Well it was not the case it was The Duke of Gloucester Islands (French: Îles du Duc de Gloucester) is a subgroup of the Tuamotu group in French Polynesia. They are located southeast of Tahiti and south of the main Tuamotu atoll cluster and are rather isolated. (20°38?S 143°20?W? / ?20.633°S 143.333°W? / -20.633; -143.333)

Here you are lesson learn, a rather isolated Atoll with 2 inhabitants not charted on C-map but real.
So lesson learn keep an eye on those old and useless charts, we should have on board.