Boat Tour from Pacific Seacraft 24 ft too Sundeer 60ft

Chain plate 2 ft high from Sundeer : “Sweet heart Would you pass me the screwdriver please?”


Such an enjoyable way to spend a grey Sunday, we visited 5 completely different vessels. From a cute and very well appointed 24ft Pacific Seacraft with more wood than 100 modern designed ones, so much character you want to bite into it. I can see why you would fall in love with one at first site, just until you have to get the varnish going I think, and then divorce is never too far.

We also visited a new Hunter 41 Deck Salon and were quite surprised by the configuration and equipment used out of the factory in a good way. We noted some practical ways of doing things and seem well engineered. Plus the owners are really setting it up right to make it comfortable and safe for offshore.

Then we walked to a Sundeer 60Ft, what a beast design by Steve Dashew. A real toy for grown up and certainly not beginner like us!!! just docking it away from the dock I would be scared. It is completely setup for 2 people cruising and really practical. The entire boat is motor assisted and you have a giant remote control! :”did I say for grownup?”. The engine is completely sealed and so quiet, so the joke was that they could easily tow the PS 24, and it could be their dingy. Some amazing number only 6.6ft draft and 300-400 days when the winds cooperate.

We finally finished with a Hans Christian 48ft built in Taiwan, and this is when we can remember why we loved the Tayana when we visited some this summer. Same boatyard more joinery and woodwork than you can offer and a robust feel to it.

Then again what made that day special was the people we met, all driven to achieve a goal and more than happy to share their knowledge ideas and dream with no pretention. A great way for us to keep the dream more alive.

Thank you Thank you, you help keep ours on track.