Rudder final chapter hopefully and Ham radio exam

Some update on the different subject we approach over the last two months. Some of you may be thinking, I try to hide and not talk about it.

The rudder did harden and I sanded it. Starting at 220, 120, 60 and have now applied the final coat of gel with more hardener this time. This is why you experience before going, you don’t want to be wasting some good relaxing time for gel coat work. So let see how long that one will be take to harden. A bit more wet sanding and shall look good for another season of sailing.



The Ham radio course, yes I pass the Exam 91% so I can use all band (Ham and Marine). One less step and I was really happy to have done it well ahead of time. It’s 4 weeks of real studying, and I doubt I will have had the time if we were ready to go in a few weeks or months. I will take the operation course closer to the date to remember what you really need to How to use it?

One of the great things of that class was to realize that somebody has done 100’s of installation of Icom 802 and electric consulting on boat. So we just need to ask and the expertise is right here.

Now we just need a boat and an Icom 802, simple it’s just money.