Going around is great but supporting a cause while doing it is even better.

As we are planning our adventure, we feel that while fun and educational, we could incorporate a charitable aspect to it.

In our current business we give 5% of our sales from our total revenue every Tuesdays to local charities. A way for us give back to our community, we feel it makes our city a better place to live in.

Our regular question now is : “what can we do while on route?” One definite aspect is, we don’t want to affect the local equilibrium of an island, we don’t want to spoil the experience for the next cruiser coming along ! It ‘s not because we choose to do it that every cruiser should do it, therefore the locals shouldn’t expect it from every blue water cruiser.

So far, we have only heard of few initiatives, and one of them stood out from the others : In Mexico while organizing a party a community had invited cruisers who wanted to join in to bring eye glasses to a remote island.

You see where we are going now, right!  How can we achieve this? Do you have any ideas that you would like to share with us? We feel we still have the time now, and we can plan ahead to  have a better result.