From techno Book, to dream via a blog.

I started this post thinking of Mr. Nigel Calder and some of his books, but this one will have to wait.

Getting lost along the web, sometimes you find “the pearl” of a blog, which was the case this week! I am now all caught up with my readings, and  was surfing along the web when I found a thread about some blog and : bingo! I spent the end of the week lost in the Caraibe Island and beyond.  Here is the link for Uliad.

You always learn something, and there was no exception on this one. My lesson of the day was, when you clean the injector of the outboard if they are plugged find the source of the contamination first, before restarting it or you will be back to square one real soon like during the victory lap. The rest of the read was fun well written and full of anecdote that I could relate to.

So this is what I dreamt of all week-end a warmer weather quieter life and how to get out of here.


My better half, on the other end is now in her books and learning all the right terms for all the boating activity. After declaring that facebook was a waste of time (for once I told you a long time ago that was the case…), she decided that now was the time, she is on a mission and nothing will stop her.

On my side I am waiting for the gelcoat to cure before the final sanding. Looking good one more step and we shall be set. Only took a few weeks longer that I anticipated, but that seem to be the case for all work on boat.