Near Year, Fresh start downsizing part 1

We didn’t know at the time, but the fact that we have moved a lot is going to help us.

One of the greatest advantage, to move from one country to another or even more so from a continent to another, is that you don’t accumulate the regular junk of a midlife couple.  Luckily clutter free has always been our motto.  So far, we are able to keep a small locker full of  our “precious” or heirlooms…

Over the last few years,  we went from 800 to 1900 to 2500 down to 1800 to 780sq ft (ie locker time) and are now back up to a comfortable 1200 square feet of living space for our family of four.

Last year I made a quick calculation : $1800 (spent on storage rental) a year to store stuff for 5 years… $9000, for things that we don’t use, but just keep for the sake of keeping!! it didn’t make financial sense really! and it’s not like us!…so we needed to sell most of those stored items and quickly, we organized a garage sale down the road. On a Sunday afternoon, while it was pouring outside, our happy family went one last time to the Public storage facility that we rented and emptied the locker. This is how it went : one pile Salvation Army, one pile the heirloom we can’t part with and the final pile for craigslist, and garage sale!
Wow! did we have  some treasure… or more accurately some people can’t resist a bargain.  And for the last few items, we have discovered the secret of posting ads on our favourite local board and getting the possession out of the way.

Note to myself! I had to slow down or I would have sold the blender and sofa, but my better half reminded me that we still have 5.5 years to live here. What will I do without her?

More money for the cruising funds, one less expense every month and a renewed conviction to not buy anything we will not use for our next life.

Minimalist seems to be of order!