I found the meaning of life, well for geek anyway.


“In phase modulation, the phase of the current shifts in proportion to the amplitude and frequency of the modulating signal. At the instant of the phase change, there is also an associated frequency change. Phase modulators require crystal oscillators. A reactance modulator uses an active device to act as a variable capacitor or inductor that is applied to a tank circuit. It can be applied to FM or PM. A reactance modulator is used for PM, it can be connected to the RF amplifier”

Once you read this sentence, I am sure you too will be touched by the enlightenment. I was not, even with explanation it didn’t and doesn’t make sense. Well that was a good part of the day yesterday. But I am sure with a bit of work and lots of studying it will make sense. If not I will just have to learn the test answer by heart, and I have only one more class to attend before the HAM test, so let’s buckle up.

What about the rudder some may enquire? Well I did sand it, waited, sanded it again and was very patient. Then I made the mix, applied it, the best I could. All good so far, then the rudder drop on the floor putting some gel coat on the floor…. Remember I am not the handy man! A little swearing lots of cleaning all is good, try to perfect the compound second drop more on the floor more mess it’s drying quick. My blood pressure is rising, so does the cost of refinishing the hardwood floor…

After a few hours (yes I am working on being patient..) I come back to it and the mix is still wet to the touch. It’s so humid out that I attribute the slow drying to it. Fast forward to this morning, Breakfast time and I can see a white halo on the floor oopss. Going back to the “work of art” it’s drying but so slowly not cured yet. I may have not but enough hardener in the mix. But not everything is lost, I am patiently waiting to sand, Wait Wait it’s not ready.

On another note, we have found a class for one of us to take, Sailing for Woman. So in the spring, we will have a certify skipper in the family, you now know who will be in charge! It will be a 5 day course at sea, and only women no yelling and testosterone to show the way. And then we can charter whenever we wish.

On a personal note we sent out our best wishes to our friends and family around the world at the beginning of the month, we shared that we have an interested for sailing and that we enjoy our small cat. That’s what we call psychological easing, or perhaps planting the seeds? we don’t want to take anybody by surprise in a few years. The switchboard of the local coast guard could be jammed and we don’t want to be put under legal guardian.

But the best answer was from dear friends we worked with a while back: They answered saying we have a Seawind they had us then, but added why don’t you come over and we share with you our experience. They sailed the new 1160 in Australia last year and see it in their future to upgrade. We can see that we will be meeting some friends on the ocean of the world in the next decade. Let’s hope our path cross again. They may cross before to tell you the truth, and they just gave us a good reason to go back on the East coast.