How do you realize you have a lot more to learn?

This week-end was the first class of all the courses I have enrolled for, and the easiest part of the day was the training for a classic government test.  Few years back I had the privilege to take a similar kind of exam and have had some practice with the negative statement tricks or the answer nearly right but the other one sounds even better…. These exercices play nice brain tricks!

With this one I have to study the database of question and hope for good memorization. Especially, when time comes to learn the calculus and formulas, I was never really good at it when I was in high school a couple…no a few….well ok two decades ago and I bet I have not gone better! Then again, our mind evolve through time so I very well could surprise myself…. We shall see!

The lunch was interesting and of course surrounded by sailors (some of whom are very experienced) the discussion turned quickly to boat. Two were in the process of outfitting their boat and question started to fly :” What are you installing for this and that? What software for the navigation? Did you see the Furuno Pro? Etc etc….”
Here are a few things  I have learnt from the conversation (well one way for me, I listen) :

– Light boat offshore cute but you get tired of it really quick

-Learn to diagnostic issue independently because when something goes wrong and you get help via SSB, it’s not the time to learn where the specific part is on the engine or water maker.

-But the best thing really was that :  we are not alone in this quest and we have lots of people around us with the same questions,  interrogations and Dreams.

In other words, whenever in doubt  just ask the question, somebody made the same mistake before you or had to solve the same issue.
Now back to studying, three weeks of practice before the test.