No need to re-invent the wheel on a boat anyway….


Sometimes you come across a blog and it shines light on a subject that you are trying to master! Mahina is one of them. John’s list is copied or talked about so much, that some owners are jealous when their baby (read boat) is not listed on it. You will find the list under Boat selection consultant.

This couple is a true expert in their field, and is able to make it a full time business out of it. Bravo…

We will be going to one of their seminar beginning of next year, and will be sure to share with you whatever we retain from it. We were talking about going on one of the trip on their boat, but business will not give us the time and we feel it would take the fun of learning step by step the hard way.

So how is the list helping us, it open our eye on some boat we didn’t think about and closed the door on others. That doesn’t tell you much does it? The more we are analyzing our skill or lack of it (we can do trapeze on one hull, great for an ocean passage it will help so much), comfort level at sea we ideally would like to reach, all this is pointing us in the direction of heavy displacement boat. The space and some of the features we would like to see onboard point us in the direction of a more modern design.

So compromise is a word coming back often in the conversation, like so many things in life we can’t have it all. Some want speed to get out of the way, some want robust to sustain the harder blow, some like the classic line of a smaller beam, some like the wider beam giving more volume.

Ok enough is enough, we are going to the boat show next year and will see all those boats in person. Done deal hotel booked….