Financial lesson day……

Planning is the key word in this adventure and part of it has to be financial.

So today, I meet with a good friend, a certified financial planner and we review the different option for financing this trip of ours. He is a sailor too and it’s partially his fault if we are in this mess.

Pay the debt is what we have been doing for 1 year now, so that will stay a priority for another couple of them. But we have also some registered investment account we need to take care of, before we stop working.

And finally the big one is how do we get enough income from the money we will have under the mattress when we sell everything. Wait no more mattress, we would have sold everything and that why we meet.

We also have to plan taxation issues when we become non resident of our lovely country. Plus what institution, will give us the power of access money around the word and do everything online.

So that was another day where boating was second in the big picture.

But one step at the time we need to plan to make it easier once we are doing it.