Sailing on a sunny Sunday

After a crazy month of work, nothing beats going sailing on a sunny but cold day, even better on somebody else boat. Ours is done for the season. Wet suit and trampoline don’t mix with colder water. A welcome phone call early in the morning :”the fog is gone let’s go!” Quick drive and the eager […]

Christmas we can all dream on yachtworld.

One of the greatest advantages of the internet is access to a wide range of information. But sometimes too much is too much, these sites can be dangerous to yourself and others close to you. Let’s not become a victim of too much information …. If you are feeling flushed with money,  ready to spend it but will  regret it later walk away now. […]

Numbers and Ratios for sailboat.

For some of us, number and ratio speak more than the beauty of a specific boat line. And how can you compare the basic parameters of so many different boats? One of the ways, without having a PhD in naval engineering and pouring over every measurement, is by using this simple but clever webpage. […]