Daily life in Tikehau

Since we arrived in the village and docked we are enjoying Tikehau once again. The village is a real treat to walk through, the people so nice to be around and the surrounding seafront a source of treasure for the artist in residence. Our guests now feel they finally arrived in French Polynesia, truly it is the postcard perfect location.

Tomorrow we plan on exploring the lagoon and leave to the central motu, this is where we encountered the manta rays last time. We will then try to go down a few islands; hopefully the wind will be with us.

atmosphereThe supplie ship has arrived in town, and people are picking up their prized delivery.

rock tike

The tradition gets passed on to the next generation.

We had a nice walk in the park meanwhile we are still cautious as to where we put our feet…

No they are not leaving us for another household; they are just going to do laundry onshore!

Thank you Christophe, for sharing it with us.

Tikehau revisited.

As we reached Tikehau’s pass the sun was rising, and the mood even at 5:00am was pretty joyful! Fortunately the buoy was available next to the pass and without a question we took the spot. It is important to know that ever since we left Bora the wind hasn’t subsided and 4 days later it hasn’t yet… We are waiting patiently for it to turn South East but at this point it is stuck to the North and the forecast lately has been from the North to the South of French Polynesia 17/21 Knots with 30 knots gust thus we are staying put.

We still jumped in the dinghy for a walk around the motu, and made our mandatory visit to Odette and Benoit; we were not disappointed with all the magical colours and paradise feel. We made few repairs, had a few good sleeps and we should move to the village today to be closer to land and the dock! In our world this means: Baguette, fresh baguette for us and… internet for our “addicted” parents.

Finally we seem to have found the solution if it persists we will share the solution. 15 kg Mahi Mahi sushi extravaganza

The mood was somber after five days. Notice the bowls and how we laid down glasses; this has not happened often on Letitgo.


Wind? Did you say wind?

The coprahculteur will be happy to have coco on the ground.


It’s official, we arrived!
And we can officially declared that we have just had the worst passage ever for Letitgo. This trip is normally just 235 nm in direct line, and we did 500 nm to get here, we’ve had the wind on the nose since departure and all the way with an average of 20 knots.

Still we are all here in decent shape and Letitgo came out with few minor problems, more to come… After a sumptuous breakfast, we quick wipe on deck, a good HOT shower we are off to bed!

Talk soon,

On route toward Tuamotus

Forecast are not always right and at the moment we are paying the price for it. The wind came with a 40 degree angle difference and our hope of them turning have been in vain for the last three days. This mean that we are still on route for the Tuamotus and don’t know when and where we will land.

All is well onboard except that we are all tired and were not ready to be at sea physiologically for so long, in one of our hardest passage so far. Only good news is that we have fresh fish onboard with our new top power merchant navy tried and true system. We will elaborate at a later date.

Well time to clean up the place and take a shower, letitgo and the crew need a be of a spur up.

Bora Bora

Back in the “pearl of the Pacific”! Truly not quite, but it was a “must-stop” we had to look at the different shades of blue! While we were downloading our e-mails before departing Ta’haa we discovered the brutal news from our birth country. Our thoughts were turned to France, and the crossing to Bora Bora was rather quiet and introspected.

Upon our arrival we found the blue lagoon in all its splendour.

Nevertheless, our mind was in Paris and with the families of the victims.

Travelling with techno addicted grandparents is getting problematic, what do you mean you don’t have internet 24/7 and when you have it, it is super slow

Chers tous, Nous voila pris au depourvu devant un dilemn, que faire?

L’addiction des grand-parents est devenu un probleme nouveau dans notre monde decadent pourtant minimaliste. On va bien rire dans les iles eloignees…

Pour nos neveux: Desormais ils ne pourront plus jamais vous priver d’acces internet jamais, vous entendez jamais.

The Coral garden revisited

We went twice in a day and just can’t get enough of it; it is simply still amazingly beautiful. The variety of fishes, the clarity of water, the quality of the corals everything was there to spend a day in paradise from beginning to finish.

Mr et Mrs Devin were spotted in Tahaa, the paparazzi were very discreet!

The fish whisperer


Nous prenons les commandes pour le retour de l’artiste vers mi-Janvier.

Within 6 days we visit 3 islands.

Lately we are touring on a faster pace, the anchor barely has time to set and we are off to the next location; this is slightly unusual for us but truly our focus is to give the “best off” tour of the “Society islands” in the short period we have, before heading to the Tuamotus. Indeed there might be a good weather window at the beginning of next week, fingers crossed!

Fortunately the weather is with us, rendering amazing colors perfect for the water color; great lunch when going around the island and a mandatory daily swim in a perfect surrounding! This doesn’t seem to be a problem for anybody… Below is a recap of our tour through Huahine, Raiatea and lastly Ta’haa.

Ta’haa’s lagoon, this was the first time we touched bottom since our departure… pure sand for a few seconds no problem.


La Maison de la vanille a cultural visit.

Up the antenna in Raiatea, the poor man’s aerial view “sans” helicopter

Chere soeur,

Notre mere marche comme une gazelle.

Drift snorkeling to the sea-anemones.

A la derive avec l’annexe pour voir les anemones.

Pick your color depending on your boat draft…

We are upping the ante.

The time to get in the water seriously has now come; as some may remember previously we had zip-lined together in Ecuador, walked in the jungle, and went across the river in a canopy, and finally “bungee” jumped for some. Truly we knew we could push the envelope a tad more… Now before anything you need to know that Jean (Laurent’s Dad) isn’t a fish in the water and needed time to acclimatize to the idea. And that explain why yesterday we had gone to try the scuba equipment in less deeper water along the reef.

Shortly after breakfast and to avoid the morning touristic crowd we left Letitgo and headed past the intercontinental resort to visit the sting-rays. We will let you appreciate one more time these elegant species in pictures.


Time to jump in? No worries they are small ones.

Oops sorry that one is a little bigger than most.

And as soon as we were in the water we were engulfed in a flury of activity.

They are not shy for too long…

They nibble at you if you are too slow…


As we are now on first name basis, out of water encounter

They haven’t changed, they become aggressive quickly.

And on our way back home,

The V6 was training in the beautiful blue lagoon as we are living for Huahine overnight.

Moorea la belle

Finally we kissed good-bye Tahiti, after one last Carrefour farewell tour, how can we resist the pull of such abundance? It is now time to trade the world of consumerism and reconnect to a more minimalistic one. With that in mind, we took the first steps toward the detox cleanse for our new crew and we headed to Moorea; which is just a few steps away. We had a good “rendez vous” with the wind, and for the experts we were greeted to some 30 knots gusts under full sail, in no time we were anchored in Cook’s bay under a beautiful sunshine. Few sailboats were moored in the bay, the ambiance was serene and the busy’ness of a larger city was behind we are back in island time!

Dear sister,

Let us assure you that your mother was able to walk for 4 hours yesterday up to the belvedere and even higher, all in style and with no pain. This morning we moved to the other bay next door called Opunohu bay and in the afternoon we did a snorkel initiation to try the new equipment; even the grandmother was able to hop back in the dinghy. For our first dive we were very lucky to spot a ray leopard, many tiny fish without too much current which is perfect for a first dive.

Cook’s bay and view from the belvedere and three pines lunch spot.


Captain’s dinner “Welcome” with chilled champagne: a real treat.

First real swim and Jean found himself with a mermaid on his lapse.

We have a dinghy watcher Sophie! Somebody is still not 100% into the water mode.

Introduction to French Polynesia

We must admit the jetlag doesn’t seem to affect our guests too badly, they are real troopers and made their first steps in Polynesian hospitality. Yesterday we did a tour of Papeete downtown, with the “must” market visit while today was a tour of the island. Let us show you the way.




We drove inland at PK 17 valley Papeeno

There is no shortage of water it seems!

Black sand it is no lie here.

A flower carpet in the marae

The “salon des Australes” was another perfect way to see the authentic art of the archipelego, that we are not going to visit.

Weaving is the traditional one.

Shopping cruiser style was a shock for some,

We stocked on all the “rare-to-find” food items for the next 6 months.

Benjamin at work and below a Robert Wan creation for cruiser in mind.

Last Sunday we took our Marquesan family sailing and swim in the Lagoon a real treat for everybody.