• Tonga
  • Neiafu’s first impression

    What a difference from our last place of call Niuatoputapu on the surface at least, as you will see we are back where electricity is readily available thus bringing back the lovely amenities such as a fridge in stores the ATM and most importantly for us street lights, so we can walk without the fear […]

  • Wallis
  • Photos from our previous posts

    These are just photos to illustrate our previous, as we have now arrived in the Vava’u group in the town of Neiafu. Coming here was a fairly straightforward passage, unfortunately the wind was either not strong or in a very tight angle hence we did a lot of motor sail on a flat sea, it […]

  • Wallis
  • First impression Niuatoputapu

    Upon approaching the island we forgot to mention that we were pleasantly greeted by a whale show, a very nice touch for our arrival from the Tourist development Bureau. The King of Futuna must have phoned ahead his colleague, the King of Tonga; indeed we have arrived in the last monarchy in the South Pacific. […]

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  • Futuna final hours.

    The men of Leava around a kava bowl solving the local problems, just like every night. Forever, Futuna will be engraved in our memory for its authenticity and ability to live the traditional way in 2016 as well as being part of France. So far Futuna has survived the invasion of our modern world but […]

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  • Christ du Roi, Royaume de Sinave Futuna

    Interestingly enough it seems that a lot of customary village parties are taking place whenever we are in town, or is it that we are just more aware of our surroundings than in our previous life? We have more time and are not self-absorbed in the “metro-boulot-dodo” (work-metro-sleep) pattern. Anyway, we had been advised all […]