• Wallis
  • Batman came to our rescue!


    Marvel comic’s book enthusiast Batman came to the rescue and saved us, when we were in the $*&% literally in it. But first let us share with you our last few days in the bay of Gahi pronounced Nahi around here, we had to move our little home since the wind was shifting and the […]

  • Wallis
  • Daily life in Wallis and Futuna


    It looks like it, smells like and feels as French Polynesia notwithstanding a lot of details that are unique to each place as you might have gathered from our previous posts. It has already been three weeks since we first set foot here and we are digging a little deeper to understand more the Wallisian’s […]

  • Wallis
  • St Francois D’assise…


    This will be the only photo from the celebration in the district of Mua, not much of the visual impact. But we will have more memories for a very long time of this special and much unexpected evening. St Francois D’assise was celebrated where the first missionary landed a while back. The whole affair was […]